Simon Hunt


Simon Hunt
(403) 601-0178
RE/MAX First
8820 Blackfoot Trail SE Suite 115 Calgary, AB T2J 3J1

Languages Spoken

  • English

Jennifer Handley Real Estate Team FAQ (and questions to ask a realtor you are looking to work with)
How many people are on your team? 2. This way you will always have two people constantly dedicated to meeting your real estate needs.
How many years experience do you have? Collectively 20, Jen (18) Simon (2) . Jens seasoned experience and Simons fresh perspectives in the industry have brought a unique approach to their clients and the properties they have sold.
Are you a full-time Realtor or do you have another job on the side? Both Jen and Simon are full-time Realtors and work 7 days a week on real estate.
What areas of expertise do you bring to Real Estate? Residential, condominiums, acreages, staging and extensive marketing. We believe in growth through education and are constantly looking for courses we can integrate into our business.
Why should we hire you? Because we are very good at what we do and we love what we do. We understand what it takes to buy or a sell a home and we listen to what you need. We are creative, insightful, compassionate, great negotiators and adaptable to changes in the market (you don't last this long in real estate without being adaptable).
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